How it all started…

On one the many occasions I use , I stumbled upon this really cute list made by one JENNIE from New Zealand. You can find it here. She’d listed 101 things she planned to do in 1001 days.

I’ve always liked making lists. Mostly to-do lists in the morning, with a priority number across the task. Sometimes ‘Call ma’ made it to the list, at #9 or #10. :(. Jennie’s list challenged me to go beyond the everyday. There were so many things on her list that I could relate to; things I’d put on the back-burner for so long. Nothing fancy, but surely reading for example. I wasn’t reading as many books as I would have liked to.And running a 5K. A 10K. Losing weight. Learning how to play Bridge. Visiting a dentist every 6 months!

To humour myself, I started making my own template, borrowing heavily from Jennie’s. First, I needed a good milestone. A birthday (next) was hardly significant; new years come and go. So…did some math and locked in on my 30th. ~450 days away. Important enough, weighty enough.  45 things in 450 days .Like Jennie, I too wanted to lose weight, run a 5K (silly me!), get my wisdom teeth pulled out, read more books and so on. I added some of my own, like complete a few art projects, get back to learning french, take a pottery class etc. I asked my husband to chip in and add 2-3 of his own. He wanted to watch a sunset with me in a place where we dint speak the local language, and take me on a BIG ROLLER COASTER (i love ’em and he kinda hates them :)). And there it was. A real fun list, a stretch goal and a timeline.

And that is how it all started.

Will put up my list here next week, and fill you in on the details.


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